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The Festival that has established itself as the most important contemporary dance event of Cyprus, returns to the Rialto Theatre after a 2-year suspension due to Covid. Contemporary dance aficionados will have a unique opportunity to enjoy a series of exceptional performances reflecting contemporary dance trends, schools and movements, thus building bridges between Cyprus and the international choreographic production.


The performances highlight current issues whilst showcasing the work of renowned choreographers, covering an extensive thematic that focuses on social, political or existential issues. This year’s edition especially highlights diversity as reflected in the identity of the performers and their country of origin. This thematic is especially visible in the international project Portraits in Otherness inspired by Akram Khan and Farooq Chaudhry, that promotes artists who carry multiple identities and whose works “dance” on the borders of the worlds.


The festival’s opening performance also balances in-between the borders of the world: in Beytna, choreographers from five different countries meet on stage over a banquet of food, also inviting the spectators to this feast!


Moreover, in this 2022 edition, the Festival is hosting Workshops by renowned choreographers Joy Alpuerto and Dickson Mbi, as part of the Portraits in Otherness project. These will take place on the 25th of June at the Rialto Theatre and are addressed to dance professionals and students.

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