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The Department of Contemporary Culture of the Deputy Ministry of Culture announces, in collaboration with the Rialto Theatre, the realization of the 25th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival, between May 31, 2024, and June 23, 2024, at the Rialto Theater in Limassol and the Nicosia Municipal Theatre.


The Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival is the leading institution in the field of contemporary dance of the Department of Contemporary Culture, which has been held since 1998, giving the public the opportunity to attend pioneering dance groups from abroad, thus contributing significantly to the promotion of contemporary of dance in Cyprus.


The Festival program includes performances of high artistic level by dance groups from Cyprus and abroad. This year will be presented groups from Cyprus, Greece, Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands.


The performance representing Cyprus was selected from the projects financed under the "Program to Strengthen Creation and Research in the Field of Contemporary Dance - TERPSICHORI 2023".

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