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“Theatrical Body” Workshop

17/06, 10:00-13:00 

Dance Centre of the Municipality of Lemesos 

Portrait Eliana Stragapede & Borna Babic ©David Kalwar (2).jpg

The workshop will be based on physical theatre exploration, on the connection between intention/emotion and movement. Participants will be encouraged to further investigate their own individuality through different improvisation tasks and games. In order to expand our performativity and creativity, we will practice two approaches that are equally valid for a creative process: physicality evoking intention or emotion/thought embodiment. For this purpose, we will explore different tools. The main focus will be on researching different physical qualities and textures, and seeing how we can further implement them into partnering. Through a playful and open environment, we will challenge our movement habits and develop a strong sensibility for detail and authenticity in physicality.


In Collaboration with Cyprus New Movement of Dance 

Interested people can register by contacting Cyprus New Movement of Dance at 99881949.

Participation is limited to 25 people. For more information, call 99881949.

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